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Welcome to the website of one of the oldest schools in the Czech Republic

The history of our school dates back to 1624, when it was founded by Albrecht of Wallenstain as one of the first secondary schools in Bohemia and Moravia. Of those that still exist today, only 6 are older in the Czech Republic.
Many famous personalities of Czech history passed through the school or worked here – Bohuslav Balbín, František Ladislav Rieger, Antal Stašek, Josef Štefan Kubín, Jan Gebauer. The school got its name for the first time in 1932 in honour of its former director František Lepař, a famous philologist and personality who contributed to the construction of a new modern building. He was also a pioneer of tourism and promoter of the Prachov Rocks – a part of the Bohemian Paradise , which is included in the UNESCO heritage.
Our school is fully accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education and recognised as a part of the state school network.
Today, our grammar school offers four and six-year studies providing a wide range of optional subjects and foreign languages, as well as a positive educational environment with a number of truly top professional teachers. We can certainly present ourselves with an excellent success rate of university admissions, sports achievements of school teams (even at the national level) and organization of many cultural events. In 2024 František Lepař Grammar School is celebrating a significant anniversary-400 years of its foundation.
In total there are 380 students across 14 classes.The preparation has a broad general educational character. Students have enough opportunities to acquire key competences, i.e. some important knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be able to use them in personal, civic and professional life. The purpose of education is also to motivate them to develop their knowledge and skills throughout their lives.

The content of study is broad and includes the following subjects:
Obligatory subjects common to four/six-year studies:
Czech language and literature
English language
Information technologies
Art /music, drawing/
Physical education

Six-year studies
Optional subjects in the first and second grade:
Art and crafts
English conversation
Chemistry laboratories
Biology laboratories
Sport games

Four-year studies + six-year studies
Optional seminars in the last two grades:
Social science
History of philosophy
Biochemistry laboratories
Biology laboratories
Applied IT
History of art
Art and crafts
Creative writing
English – FCE/CAE preparation
English conversation
Russian conversation
French conversation
German conversation
Mathematical analysis
Descriptive mathematics

Further studies and career of our graduates
Graduates should be equipped with key competencies and general outlook at the level of a secondary school educated person and be prepared primarily for university and other types of tertiary education. Every year majority of our graduates are admitted to various branches of studies at prestigious Czech universities, e.g. Charles University in Prague.

We cooperate with:
Faculty School of Charles University Sience Faculty


Cambridge Training and Examination Centre


Faculty School of Charles University Pharmacy Faculty



The city of Jičín
The town of Jičín is located about 85 km northeast of Prague https://www.prague.eu/en in the beautiful surroundings of the Bohemian Paradise. The city experienced its greatest boom during the reign of Albrecht of Wallenstein, who made it the center of his estate. To this day, the city has preserved its historical character and its visit will leave an unforgettable experience. The historic center of the city consists of a square, which is lined on all sides by an arcade. The Valdická brána welcomes tourists coming to Jičín from afar.

Gateway to the Bohemian Paradise
The Czech Paradise is the oldest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic, it definitely has a lot to offer tourists, and Jičín is a great starting point for discovering its beauty. Discover natural monuments, enjoy romantic ruins and look around the Bohemian Paradise from lookouts and vantage points.
During your wanderings in the Bohemian Paradise, you should not miss any of the many castles and chateaux, be it the majestic Kost Castle, the unmissable Trosky, the original hunting lodge Humprecht and others.

Jičín – Town of Fairy-tales
Every year, the second week of September turns Jičín into a fairy-tale realm where children take over the town. The festival Jičín – Town of Fairy-tales is renowned all over the country.
The traditional fairy-tale festival, which marks the end of high season, has been taking place in the second week of September since 1990. While mainly for children, adults will find their own entertainment as well. The varied programme is full to the brim with games, crafts, music and dance. The theme of the festival, which is different every year, sets the tone of the programme. An annual parade of fairy-tale characters opens the festival. A spectacular firework display is the pinnacle of the festival on Saturday night.